About Pikus

Founded in 1999, Pikus Concrete has grown from a small residential company to a nationally recognized commercial and industrial concrete contractor. In 2012 and 2011 we ranked #61 and #74, respectively, on the CC-100 / Top 100 Concrete Companies in the United States. Our project experience includes 90 foot high shear walls, multi-level concrete parking structures, stadium and hospital concrete structures, and industrial concrete; our specialties being post-tension decks and tall structures. Past and current projects include an eight-story Embassy Suites Conference Center in West Valley City, the Payson Utah Temple for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the Utah Valley University Baseball Stadium, and the Timpanogos Sewer Treatment Plant. Our project portfolio also includes multiple-level condominiums, apartment housing projects, and mixed-use buildings.



One thing that sets Pikus Concrete apart is our ability to keep all aspects of structural concrete in house; we tie our own rebar, we set our own forms, and we pour and finish our own concrete. We understand that individual projects require individual solutions, and the fact that we do all components of the work gives us the ability to cater to our customers.This flexibility allows us to maintain or accelerate project schedules, even when faced with unexpected project delays. We are also able to work closely with project engineers and forming suppliers to value-engineer, design, and customize forming systems so each job runs as efficiently as possible.


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Our History

  1. March 1999


    Founded in 1999 by Rob Pikus, Pikus Concrete began pouring footings and foundations for small residential homes with just 2 employees.

  2. 2001- 2002

    Growth of the Company

    The company grew to 20 employees by 2001 and began specializing in large custom homes across Utah Valley. In 2002 we expanded to include small commercial concrete construction, and started the move into large commercial projects

  3. 2004 - 2006

    Specialty Project Completed/ Transition

    In December 2004 we had completed our first showpiece: The Utah Valley University Baseball Stadium. Soon after this project was completed we began taking on less residential homes and more commercial projects. By the beginning of 2006 Pikus Concrete had transitioned from a residential concrete contractor to a commercial concrete contractor.

  4. 2009 - Today

    Sewer Treatment Plant - Today

    In 2009 we were awarded the 18 building technical Timpanogos Waste Water Treatment Plant in American Fork. Today, Pikus Concrete currently employs over 80 full-time employees that specialize in large industrial and commercial concrete structures. One thing that sets us apart is our ability to keep all aspects of structural concrete in house; we tie our own rebar, set our own forms, and we pour and finish our own concrete.


  • 2017 AGC Specialty Contractor

  • 2017 Excellence in Concrete Award

  • 2015 UV50

  • 2014 America's Top 20 Concrete Contractors

  • 2012 Ranked #61 on the CC100

  • 2011 Ranked #74 on the CC100

  • 2008 Redford Conference Center